Our Story

"I wanted to build the best little feed store I could." - Mike

In autumn of 1986, Mike ingram started his feed business in his father's barn in the Cumberland Homesteads of Tennessee, and while many things have changed, the core principles have remained the same. "The mission hasn't changed much," says Aaron Ingram, the second generation owner. "We still want to be the best business we can possibly be."

The truth is, there are a lot of people that do what we do, but there's nobody that does it the way we do. Sure, we sell feed, landscaping supplies, lawn and garden products, bird seed, culverts, and so on, but it's the atmosphere of our business that really sets us apart. We get frustrated going into businesses, no matter the size, where it's obvious there is no passion. Yuck! That's why we at The Feed Store vow to never let it happen here.

  • History

    Our story is one of hard work. In the beginning, it was not unusual for Mike to go to bed at 3am after bagging feed all night to make sure the job was done. Thankfully, we don't see that hour around here anymore, but we are so grateful to him for the example he established of perseverance and dedication to making sure the customer is taken care of.

  • Family

    We're probably biased, but there is something special about a family business. We like working with family, and we also like infusing family principals into our business. There is a reason the back of our staff shirts read "Team Member".

  • Looking Forward

    As long as there are people in the world who appreciate being treated well, we see a bright future for The Feed Store. We really enjoy selling flowers in the spring, helping people take care of their property and treating the puppies that walk through our doors, but what drives it all is our love of being part of the story. We are proud of our story and are honored to be a part of yours.