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Eqceed Ultra Senior Horse Feed

Eqceed Ultra Senior Horse Feed

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A high fat, alfalfa-based feed ideal for horses with metabolic issues, hard keepers, rescue horses, and horses with gastric issues, such as ulcers. Developed specifically for older horses, this feed features an alfalfa-based formula with a higher nutrient and fat content to provide older horses with the digestive assistance and energy they need. It is a softer feed that can be mixed with water for horses that have difficulty chewing and swallowing, and can be used as a sole ration for horses unable to eat hay or pasture. Works well for horses of any age where you want to maximize fiber and keep starch and sugar low.

A high fat, low starch textured feed with loose beet pulp shreds

  • Diamond V XPC, a source of yeast fermentation metabolites, to stimulate growth of beneficial bacteria, stimulate the immune system, and enhance gut integrity to minimize “leaky gut”
  • CALSEAPOWDER Advance marine calcium for calming in stressful situations and for increasing and stabilizing gastric pH to prevent ulcer formation

  • Superdosed phytase and multi-carbohydrase enzymes along with xylo-oligosaccharides to maximize fiber digestion and nutrient utilization

  • Organic and hydroxy trace minerals with antioxidants selenium and vitamins E and C improve overall health and enhance immune system support

  • Five probiotic strains with prebiotics MOS, XOS, and FOS and essential oils to improve gut and overall health and discourage the growth of harmful bacteria

  • Coconut medium chain fatty acids with a high percentage of lauric acid to boost performance and favorably enhance the gut microbiome

  • Flaxseed and stabilized rice bran provide Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for reduced inflammation and increased stamina

  • Biotin to promote and maintain the growth of healthy hooves and hair coat

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